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We offer you the fast repair of your server, storages or workstations – also of external systems; e.g. Supermicro Servers, Tyan Servers or others.

In case that your system has a defect beyond the warranty time or your previous supplier won’t do a repair, ask us.

If a very special repair is necessary, then we’d like to hand it over to the manufacturer. Thanks to longterm and excellent cooperation with well-known producers as Supermicro, Intel and Tyan we can repair your server, storage or workstation normally even, if complex parts as e.g. the chip set of a mainborad is defect.

To give you transparency over the repair costs, we inform you before each step. You decide whether the repair of a component is worthwile or whether it should be replaced by a new one. Before dispatch the complete system will be finally tested, so that you will receive back a faultless system.

Please note that parts which are physically damaged couldn’t be normally repaired but have to be replaced by a new component.