Leasing and hire purchase

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You don’t have to buy your server, storage or workstation – make your choice for the alternatives leasing or hire-purchase.

For you our finance partner will always develop the right concept. From an order volume of 1,000 Euro leasing is possible – up to a duration of 42 months. Preserve your capital!

The most important advantages at a glance:

  • Always use of latest information technology.
  • You will constantly maintain your liquidity and don’t bind net equity
  • Financing adapted to the individual needs – following the international accounting regulations.
  • Long-dated calculation security through fixed payments.

It’s so simple to lease:

  • Step 1 - Buy as usual. Also with leasing the products belong into the basket of goods. Then it will be calculated with the leasing data.
  • Step 2 – Leasing retainage, watch it. From 1,000 Euro in the basket of goods you can watch the leasing retainage directly with the online leasing calculator.
    Are you logged in, i.e. the point dispatch is processed, go to the next step.
  • Step 3 – Payment. Chose the payment method leasing and continue with the order process. After finishing the order process we will receive your free leasing request. After a succesful credit check you will receive the written leasing contract with the leasing conditions by mail.

It’s so simple to rent:

  • Step 1 - Buy as usual. Also with hire-purchase the products belong into the basket of goods. With the variant hire-purchase there will be after successful order
  • Step 2 - Payment. Chose the payment method hire-purchase and continue with the order process.
  • Step 3 – hiring-purchase rate. After successful request at our finance partner we will inform you about the hire-purchase rate. Not till then you decide whether you want to rent bindingly; if you agree, you will receive your hire-purchase contract by mail.

After legally valid signature your order will be passed to production / dispatch.

  • Lease simple
    and safe!

From a volume of 1,000 €, you can lease your order up to 42 months.

Choose in the order step 3 the payment method leasing .

Per esempio:
Volume: €*
Monthly leasing rate:

This lease rate is produced with quarterly payments plus a one-time processing fee of 75.00 € *
All prices plus Tax