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Why is virtualization important? The expected power of today’s systems grows continiously. These resources are normally not exploited completely. Result: a normal server is only fractionally loaded. The faster a server gets, the faster is the time it works for you. Your energy costs are not essentially lower than of a server that brings e.g. 100 percent performance in a database.

For safety reasons it is eligible to have a server for each server function. The number of servers grows rapidly then along with your energy costs. The management of servers is getting more complex as well.

Another challenge are mobile workplaces. No matter if Internetcafé or home office – an access to an application is necessary. It is desirable not only to virtualise the servers, but as well the workplaces and applications.

To make your IT even more economical and even more safe, we’d like to advise you in respect to a virtualization solution. Thanks to Happyware your systems will be effectively loaded.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Reduction of investment costs
  • Reduction of operating costs
  • Higher fail safety
  • Supply of mobile and external workplaces (desktop and application virtualization)
  • More effective IT-Management