Individual systems and virtualization

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We offer you storage servers with the operating system Linux. With help of the program Samba the storage server can be completely embedded in a Windows Active Directory environment. Pure Network File Systems of the version 4 with Kerberos backup device are also available at Happyware.

With our storage servers the data plates can directly be approached or approached via iSCSI Protocol with TCP/IP or InfiniBand. Your advantage – you can enlarge your system with numerous storage moduls at any time.

With Windows Storage Server (WSS2008) Microsoft meets the growing demand of data memory that work also as Network Attached Storage (NAS).

The WSS2008 provides ist data up to 8% faster than the Windows Server 2008. This applies not only for Windows related releases, but also for the integrated Network File System (NFS).

Happyware configures your system in a way, that you get the best possible performance at greatest safety.