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As specialist in the field of server-based computing we can look back on long years of experience in the field of storage solutions. From Windows Storage Server 2008 up to complex Clusterfilesystemen, we offer from hardware to service , everything out of one hand!

Our services at a glance:

  • Windows® Storage Server Systeme
  • Infortrend® (ESVA™)
  • LSI™ RAID Systeme
  • NetApp® Storage solutions
  • Long time data storage
  • Storageserver on Linux Basis (e.g. Samba or NFS)
  • Clusterfilesystems
  • Consulting
  • Support

Individually storage systems that have to be configured because of your personal demand will be realised with the following technologies:

  • Fibre Channel
  • iSCSI – TCP/ IP or InfiniBand
  • CIFS/ SMB or NFS-Protokolle
For our memory networks we rely on high-quality components. Learn more about our producersmanufacturer.