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Aside of distribution Happyware manufactures on its own. So we are closer to the customer and his needs. Performance and failsafety are in the focus.

Happyware mainly uses controllers from Adaptec and LSI with the product lines MegaRAID® and 3ware®.

For hard disks we use SATA, SAS and SSD of the producersATP, Hitachi, Intel, Seagate, Toshiba und Western Digital.

Supermicro, Intel und TYAN round the storage solutions with their cases and mainboards.

For your systems you need a network. Happyware normally counts on products of QLogic,Mellanox and other well-known producers. Independent whether Fibre Channel, InfiniBand or TCP/IP networks, as solution provider we realise your ideas.

Based on our yearlong and very good partnerships we maintain a close cooperation with the engineering of our producers. .