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The operation of a cluster is very attractive. The idea: a hand full of computers, connected with the respective net technology and software: The result: a minimum of costs with a maximum of computer power. But there is much more behind Cluster and Supercomputing than you might think.

What is a Cluster?

The word Cluster appears in many fields of science, e.g. in physics and bio technology. The English translation for Cluster is grape, bundle, covey or bunch. Within the IT business this is the common explanation: "A network of computer to improve computer power or faile safety."

What is a super computer?

Following the definition the super computer is a high performance computer. Essential is that it operates at time of introduction in the highest performance level. The architechture is not important. A typical attribute of a super computer is his great numbers of processors with access to a common periphery and main memory. For example a system based on Nvidia Tesla or ATI FireStream Cards resp. with Graphic Processing Units (GPU) is a super computer, but allone not a cluster.

Types of clusters in a survey:

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