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Lern from the best!

In 2009 the Managing Director Firat Güney has (as instructor) received together with our apprentice for information and telecommuncation merchant, Mr. Mark Bahnweg, the award "Berufsbeste 2009 (Best in Job 2009)". Mr. Bahnweg reached first place as best apprentice of the IHK. Today Mr. Bahnweg is an important member of our sales team.

Now we want you to belong to the best!

Each company is acting different and has its specialties in respect to performance scope of services, internal processes and product range. That’s why the apprenticeship – with all its facets – is a challenge to each apprentice in a company like Happyware. With the up-to-date and training related to practice the apprentice is utmost prepared for his future.

Today a sound apprenticeship in a well-known company ist he base for a successful job future. We are aware of this obligation and offer a high-quality apprentice - but we have also the corresponding demands on a apprentice.

How to apply

Please send your application only as e-mail in PDF or MS Office Format to

Available training courses

We congratulate our IT businessman Mr Bahnweg for the 1 Place in the examination of the IHK Lueneburg-Wolfsburg
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